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Jim Martin
Jim Martin

My name is Jim Martin, and you may know me from a website called PDFjazzmusic.com

I started that site in 2003 so that bands could have access to inexpensive but top quality big band and combo charts from a variety of different writers.

I’ve been writing charts since high school and continue to study jazz arranging and composition.  Even though I’ve been at it for quite awhile, there seems to be always something to learn, and its always a challenge to make an arrangement sound good, and most importantly, to tell a story.

Jazz Arranging Class is a place for people who simply want to learn more about jazz theory, jazz harmony, jazz arranging and composition.  If those topics are of interest to you, go ahead and join the class here.

Basic registration is free, and once you “join the class” you will have access to dozens of arranging and jazz theory video lessons.  These short videos will eventually cover just about every topic of jazz theory and harmony, as well as jazz arranging and composition topics.

I’m hoping that you will find the instruction helpful and that it will maybe inspire you to venture more into the world of arranging jazz music for fun and maybe even as a career.

The site is just getting started, and there are so many, many topics to cover.  So go ahead, join the class now to have access to dozens of lessons already inside!

“This site is a really good resource, nothing else like in on the Internet. I’ve learned more about arranging since joining this site than all the time I’ve spent over the years buying books and trying to do it on my own.  Thanks again for helping us out!” — David Michaels

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