Basics of Jazz Voicings: Gary Lindsay Master Class

I recently stumbled across this master class by Gary Lindsay so I thought it would be beneficial to post here for class members. I don’t know Gary personally, but I have heard terrific things about him from friends of mine that have attended the University of Miami for jazz studies.

Gary has published an awesome jazz arranging book called Jazz Arranging Techniques. If you don’t have it, I suggest you pick it up and add it to your arsenal for study.

As any great educator does, Gary makes complex points and concepts very simple and teaches them in a very systematic manner. This video does not seem to start at the very beginning of the master class, but it does start at a logical place for understanding voicings and how they are put together. It is over one hour long, so be sure you have a pencil and paper handy to take notes! If you have any questions, leave them below and I will do my best to answer them.

Pick up Gary’s book at his website here.

17 Replies to “Basics of Jazz Voicings: Gary Lindsay Master Class”

  1. Andrew

    A used copy is no cheaper than a new one –

    Jazz Arranging Techniques from Quartet to Big Band (with CD) Paperback – January 1, 2004
    1 customer review

    from $312.98 1 Used from $312.98

  2. George Millsap

    I use his book every day. it is a wonderful example for voicings. his book is available for less at his site.

  3. Jim Martin

    $312 on Amazon? yikes. I have seen it there for $30 or 40 bucks. maybe its a misprint, but go to his site and I’m sure its cheaper than 300 bucks.

  4. Shane Kershaw

    so have now watched the whole thing and enjoyed it immensely – worth the time to watch and relearn stuff you may have forgotten or never learnt.

    thanks Jim

    Oh, and everyone, if you go to the youtube url and have a look there are some other great videos down the right-hand side to consider as well

  5. H. Vaughan Wrightson

    Jim, bought the arranging book and the “America The Beautiful” chart.
    GREAT stuff.
    Do you know how I can buy “For My Lady” featured in the video?
    Love it!

  6. Jim Martin

    Vaughan: is “For My Lady” a Gary Linsday chart? If so, maybe you could email Gary. If its an arrangement, it may not be published though.

  7. Laurent Rinaldi

    I bought Gary’s book, it’s really good. Pulled out all the old Real Book charts and started practicing.
    The only thing though, there are some assignements, but no correction, so we’re left without knowing if what we did was wrong or right. I sent an email to Gary, but no response.

  8. Wendell Harrelson

    His board notes are unreadable and much of his lecture is unrecognizable. Would be very good if clarity was improved. He should redo the lecture and vastly improve the clarity of his speech and his written notes. As is it is almost a waste of time.

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