Fixing Repeated Notes in Sax Solis

There are times when writing for saxes that your voicings result in repeated notes in individual parts. You will want to avoid this if you can, especially as the tempo of the tune moves higher and higher.

I was working on a chart just now, and realized as I was doing parts that I had repeated notes in a two measure portion written for saxes. In this lesson, I show you how to use “cross voicing” to eliminate many instances of repeated notes in a sax soli. If you find too many repeated notes in a section, reevaluate the voicings you are using. Good use of chord progression should inherently eliminate many potential repeated notes, but there are always seems to be some that pop up even when you do.

By the way, this lesson was created using Screen O Matic, one ever of the coolest tools I’ve seen for recording your computer screen and sharing with others.

Lesson length: 5:15

2 Replies to “Fixing Repeated Notes in Sax Solis”

  1. warren harpster

    Hey Jim, I really enjoyed your step by step breakdown of the fix on this one. Sounds Great!

  2. Shane Kershaw

    Hi Jim,
    Clear as always. But left with a thought and question:

    With the repeated Gb in the 2nd tenor could you have swapped the 2nd note with the Ab in the 1st tenor, avoiding the Bari/Tenor2 swap?

    Just seems a more obvious path to me…..

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