How to Write a Big Band Shout Chorus – Part 1

I recently ran across some terrific videos that Tom Kubis put together, so I thought I would share them in a series of posts here at the site.

Tom is one of the great arrangers around today, and his methodology is simple yet very effective. It is very similar to the way I approach writing for full big band. Tom just does a great job in explaining it!

Keep in mind that this series of videos deals with a 12 bar blues “shout” chorus, so the big band is in rhythmic unison for the most part, but the concept can be applied if you have more than one melodic line going at the same time (ex. saxes against brass)

My short introductory videos will cover some main points of Tom’s instruction that I feel are very important.

Inventing “The Line” for Big Band Shout Chorus

Presented by Tom Kubis


Click here to check out Tom Kubis big band “Live and Unleashed”

2 Replies to “How to Write a Big Band Shout Chorus – Part 1”

  1. Laurent Rinaldi

    Thank you Jim, that’s real good. I watched all 11 videos !!!
    Seems so easy… So, off I went to the piano and started playing some stuff. I really like Tom’s approach. And he seems like a funny guy too.

  2. Jim Martin

    It always seems easy though. He makes it look easy because he has been doing it for so long. Watch any PGA golf tournament and they make it look easy too!

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