Inverting and Voicing Major and Minor Triads

Being able to quickly invert major and minor chords is important in all aspects of jazz writing. Your knowledge of triads should be ingrained so that they become almost instantaneous as go to voice chords. Because upper extensions of chords (ex. C13 (#9) can often be thought of as triads above a “root-3rd-7th”, knowing how to invert triads becomes even more important.

Just like any other chords, they way you “voice” a major or minor triad has alot to do with the sound you’ll get when played by players in an ensemble. Not only is the choice of instruments assigned to the chord important, but also the manner in which you spread the triad and how it is inverted.

This video is a refresher on the inversions of major and minor triads, along with simple “voicings” for them.


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