Monk Fish | 2 Horns & Rhythm Chart

I mentioned in a previous post a terrific tool for writing new tunes over chord changes of existing standards and jazz tunes. In that post I showed you how I turned a Thelonius Monk set of changes into an easy swing tune.

The next step after writing a new tune is to arrange it for a group of players to perform. Because my new tune’s form was fairly simple, I decided to arrange a chart just for two horns and rhythm – a chart whose primary purpose was for improvisation over the set of changes.

The fewer the instruments, the less you have to work with – and this makes it a challenging task to make the horn players sound as full can be, have good lines to play, and to present the harmony to the listener in the most logical and interesting way possible.

The following lesson goes over the chart, including a few tips to consider when writing for just 2 horn players. This chart can be played with different combinations of horns. I would suggest Tpt and Tenor Sax, but I have included an Alto and Trombone part as well so you can mix and match with the players you have.

IMPORTANT: I just noticed that I had the time signature turned off! The chart is in 4/4 so don’t let that throw you. I’m sure you would have figured it out though. I’ll fix that soon!

Listen and View Score

Download PDF score and parts to Monk Fish here.

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    1. Jim Martin

      There is no audio on the viewing tool anymore. Issuu probably got tired of hosting audios so they got rid of that feature. I’ll try to add audio in future posts though.

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