Sammy Nestico on Jazz Arranging (Video)

Sammy Nestico has been writing charts much longer than most of us have been alive. Still going strong at age 91, he is a true legend of jazz. Arguably, Sammy’s charts have been performed by more musicians than any other arranger alive or dead. They also have most likely been heard by more people than any other arranger.

Sammy’s music appeals to both young bands and top pros alike. His sense of melody, rhythm, and his ability to build a swinging chart to a climactic point in time are just a few of his skills and innate talent.

Recently, Sammy did a CD with the United States Army Field Band call the Soldier Sessions. In this video Sammy talks about arranging and how he approaches arranging in general. If you don’t have Sammy’s book on arranging, The Complete Arranger, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It will last you a lifetime as a terrific reference book.

Hope you enjoy this interview with the great Sammy Nestico!

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