Student Critique: Big Band – Miss Jones Page 3

This lesson is a continuation of the critique of a class member’s big band chart on the standard tune Have You Met Miss Jones.

I go over some specifics on this page, but they are general thoughts that should help you with situations in your own charts.

Before you watch this lesson, download page 3 below the video so you can follow along with printed copy.

3 thoughts on “Student Critique: Big Band – Miss Jones Page 3”

  1. Really helpful as ever Jim, thanks. One thing I’d like to ask arising from your comments about the use of the trumpet section alone in unison.

    I’m (very slowly!) putting together a blues for big band, and for the intro I’ve got an extended 2-5 sequence with harmonised trumpets in a sort of descending figure over a pedal bass (bari and bass). It’s then repeated by bones an octave lower before an ensemble section on the 5 chord. Amongst all the examples you’ve got on the site by the pro arrangers I can’t find an instance of harmonised trumpets on their own like this. Might have missed it, but was just wondering if that’s generally avoided (eg because the overall sound is too concentrated in a high register). Hope I’ve made myself understood!

  2. Alan: I would have to see the score and how it fits in with everything to give you a half way decent answer on this one. Trumpets by themselves in a harmonized fashion is not necessarily a bad thing. That’s why I would have to see what you are writing in context of the chart. I have found that usually the power of trumpets work well when they have something underneath them to give them the support (both harmonic and tonal) that they need. If you want to scan the page you are talking about and email it to me I can take a look at it and give you a better answer though.

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