Study and Listen: Sail Away (big band)

This is a chart I did a number of years ago when I worked with the Rob Parton band in Chicago. We had a weekly gig at the Moosehead downtown for many years. I wanted to write a feature for tenor saxophonist Mark Colby, and this tune was a perfect vehicle for both him and the band.

Also, it was one of the first charts that I did that included woodwinds in the saxes. Because the guys could play flute and clarinet, they enjoyed new things that included some doubles.

Click the icon below to open up the file. You will first hear me point out a few things, so make mental notes as I go along. After my voice, you’ll hear the recording of the chart. Be sure to get back to the beginning so you can follow along.

Click the icon below to open. Make sure you have your speakers or headphones on. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and click on the right to turn pages as the music moves. The score is concert pitch for your convenience. Have fun, hope you like it!

      1. Download MP3 file only here

Download Concert Score in PDF here

Click here to purchase Sail Away for big band – $19.95 (includes solo part for tenor, as well as alto, flugel, and trombone)

7 Replies to “Study and Listen: Sail Away (big band)”

  1. Alan Large

    Thanks – this is a fantastic learning tool. It makes it so much easier to appreciate stuff when everything is notated in concert too. I hope you’ll do some more of these. Thanks again.

  2. Jim Martin

    Alan, thanks for the comment. Yes, I’ll do more of these in the coming months (and years I guess). I like this format, it makes it very easy for me so simply attach an audio file to a PDF file itself and its good to go. I haven’t heard anyone having a problem with viewing either which is great.

  3. Bill Gidley

    Nice chart, Jim.

    Great instruction. It’s nice to hear your commentary and know what to look for as the chart goes by. I cant wait for more.


  4. Bill Gidley

    Hey, Jim

    Warning – off topic:

    Have you noticed that the time stamp on these comments is GMT? Maybe that’s by design. If not the writer’s local time you’d think they might display as MI(ET)…?


  5. Laurent Rinaldi

    brilliant stuff Jim
    and as Bill Gidley said, it’s nice to hear your comments as the score goes by

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